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Framesi Eclectics Hair Color
Your hair is your most important fashion accessory! ... Because ... "you hair" is the only fashion accessory you wear -- all day -- every day.
Your Frameis hair COLOR is your Hairs - most important fashion accessory! ...

Eclectic by Framesi demi-permanent hair color. The Eclectic Color Chart shows results for a formula that is ammonia-free, ultra-delicate and enriched by Capulate Complex Technology. The development of the Eclectic line was centered around the needs of the hair salon color client. Specificall designed for those of us who are more conscience about their health and hair color product ingredients,  Eclectics was designed to be ammonia-free and fragrance-free. The second need was to meet the demands of clients who express themselves through their hair and want the ability to change their hair color frequently. With Framesi Eclectic color, you can experiment with different looks, maybe more daring looks, without having to make as much of a commitment as you would with traditional hair color.

There are also a number of advantages to using Eclectics rather than traditional hair color. Framcolor Eclectic actually adds shine and moisture to your hair rather than drying it out and making it look dull. Eclectics is also extremely long lasting even though it isn't a permanent hair color.

How It Works: Each color molecule is encapsulated (surrounded by) material incorporating a sugar derivative (for moisture,) vitamin E (for environmental defense), fatty acids (to assist in absorption) and amino acids (for restructuring). Eclectics is NOT a progressive color so it does NOT get darker over time. It deposits and  stays on tone. Eclectics has No Ammonia, No Fragrance, it is simply a creme conditioning hair color that lasts 4 to 6 weeks. If you like your present hair color and just want shine Eclectics neutral (no color) is perfect for your hair. Try a color today or just neutral for shine ...  you will really love the difference in your hair.

Brightening up dull colors
Covering Gray Hair
Creating personalized tints
Enhancing details of hair cuts
Refreshing Fading Ends
Toning Highlights
Reccommend For
Pregnant Women
People who tend to be sensitive
to products
People who like to frequently change and update their hair
Does not lift natural hair color
Won't build up on Hair
Safe to use on chemically treated hair
Ammonia free & Fragrance free
Covers Gray
Lasts 4-6 weeks

Capsulate Complex: contains essential fatty acids, amino acids & vitamin E. Captures color inside the hair & protects it with a film which is resistant to water and heat. Adds shine, replenishes moisture, restructures the hair and protects the hair from free radicals.  Once again ....

Framcolor Eclectic is made with the innovative CAPSULATE COMPLEX technology, a blend of ingredients including essential fatty acids, sugar derivatives, amino acids and vitamin E, which captures the color inside the hair and protects it with a water- and heat-proof film.

Eclectic Color Chart

NOTE: Please be aware that your computer monitor may not display the exact swatch color or the fullness or richness of the tones that you can see in the salon. Please come visit and see these magnificent colors for yourself, with your own eyes. It's well wroth the trip.

Natural Glam Series
Excellent for Grey coverage - Cooler Tones Control Warmth
Create cooler, soft ash brown / blonds - 9NED creates natural golden results
2NE - Natural Deep Brown 3NE - Dark Chestnut 4NE - Medium Chestnut 5NE - Light Chestnut
6NE - Dark Blond 7NE - Medium Blond 8NE - Light Blond 9NED - Pale Natural Golden Blond

Hot Chocolate
Can be used alone to create beautiful rich browns and blonds
Creates optimum results in grey hair - Excellent for low-lighting

4HCE - Medium Hazel Chocolate 5HCE - Light Hazel Chocolate 6HCE - Dark Blond Chocolate 7HCE - Medium Blond Chocolate 8HCE - Light Blond Chocolate 9HCE - Very Light Blond Chocolate

Gold Immersion
Creates Gold Results - Adds Shine & Luster to darker levels  
6DE - Dark Gold 7DE - Medium Gold 8DE - Pale Gold 9DE - Very Pale Gold

Fancy Orange
Creates beautiful soft orange-yellow reds - Not recommended for use alone on gray hair

6RDE - Dark Golden Copper Blond 7RDE - Medium Golden Copper Blond 8RDE - Light Golden Copper Blond

Purple Rain
Creates mahogany, woodsy tones, imparting red-violet highlights

4CVE - Medium Purple Chestnut 5ME - Light Violet Mahogany Chestnut

Absolute Colors

Vibrant, pure color additives to increase coloring options - Can be mixed with any other framcolor Eclectic shade - Use alone to accentuate pre-lightened / highlighted sections of hair
For brightest tones, the can be used without the activator & applied directly to pre-lightened hair

0E - Neutral 6VE - Pure Violet 7AE - Pure Orange 7RE - Pure Red 9GE - Pure Yellow

Red Fire
Adds Rich Red Tones - Not for use alone on grey hair
6RFE - Medium Fire Red 7RFE - Pale Fire Red

Pearl Blond
Can create cool pearl iridescent blonds - Excellent for refining yellow when toning highlights
8PE - Light Pearl Blond 9PE - Very Light Pearl Blond


We at Italian Hair Fashion, wishes you "Happy Hair!"


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