Framesi Futura Hair Color
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Framesi Futura Hair Color
Your hair is your most important fashion accessory! ... Because ... "you hair" is the only fashion accessory you wear -- all day -- every day.
Your Frameis hair COLOR is your Hairs - most important fashion accessory! ...

Framesi Futura Hair Color

Framesi Futura Hair Color

  • Clients and Hairstylists using Framesi Hair Color have discovered

    • beautiful color
    • realistic color tones
    • color that leaves hair feeling naturally soft and
    • beautifully manageable hair
    • hair color that lasts and lasts (fades far less than other hair colors)
    • all the benefits from the Framesi Hair Color systems &
    • the fashion forward Framesi Trend Release forecasts

Roberto Franchina, the founder of Framesi, painstakingly blended the art of hair color with the technology of hair care. Introduced to the American market in 1979 Framesi Futura Hair Color products have grown across America ever since.

The professional line of hair care products were designed specifically for colored and chemically treated hair. These shampoos, conditioners and styling aids were designed by master chemists for use the advanced lines of Framesi' Framcolor Futura (framesi futura hair color). Additional color choices from Framesi include: ' Framcolor 2001-  - & Eclectic Hair Color .

Throughout the years Framesi take-home products have grown and been refined for the American market. Use Biogenol and Framesi products to support and protect your hair color.

The Biogenol Color Care System is the industry's most complete care and styling system for color-treated hair, only from Framesi. Replaced  by Framesi,with Color Lover Hair Products  in 2013 .

Framesi products are not tested on animals.

Framesi  products use recyclable packaging materials.

When you color your hair, your styling products and your home hair-care do make a difference.

For almost fifty years, one company has defined to the world the art of premium professional hair color, Framesi of Milan, Italy. Known the world-over as the maker of the world's most luxurious, deep-conditioning imported cream color, Framesi now brings you Biogenol Color Care System, the industry's most complete care and styling system for color clients.

Color Lover  shampoos, conditioners and styling products are formulated with special ingredients to enhance, and not diminish, the beauty of hair color while maintaining the highest professional performance levels.

Color Lover  lets your "color shine through."

GLYCERINE-FREE formulas. The Color Lover Color Care System contains no glycerine, or any other ingredient that may cause hair color to strip.


We at Italian Hair Fashion, wishes you "Happy Hair!"


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