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Framesi Hair Color

Framesi Hair Color

Framesi Hair Color  Your hair is like a diamond in the rough -  and just like diamonds you need to consider the 4- C's of hair - Framesi Italian Style - offers   • the Cuts • the Colors • the Care & • Choice of finish

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Framesi Hair Color

Framesi Hair Color, framesi color, the framesi color chart wheel and
framesi color swatches, are all found in Salons using Framesi haircolor around the world.

Clients and Hairstylists using Framesi  Hair Color have discovered beautiful color that leaves hair feeling naturally soft and beautifully manageable.

Simply the best for your hair --  Framesi is color but it's more than color too

The professional line of hair care products were designed specifically for colored and chemically treated hair. These shampoos, conditioners and styling aids were designed by master chemists for use the advanced lines of Framesi' Framcolor Futura and Framesi' Framcolor 2001.

  • Framesi Italian Style trend releases bring the high paced, highly practical,  fashion world of pręt-a-porter (practical, on the go - ready to wear) trends to the Framesi hair salon in your area. New colors, New color placement, with those trend setting style changes you are already seeing in your favorite fashion magazines.
    So weather you want to
    1. be - in front of the curve as a trend setter - or
    2. be on the  leading edge of the curve - or
    3. be "hot" or not -- or
    4. add  "flair to your hair" -
    5. a little or a lot
    6. or just have some fun
      Framesi Italian Style is for your.
                        Visit the Framesi hair salon in your area.
      Ask about "peek-a-boo" colors! & new color placements.
  • Framesi hair color is now distributed in over 70 countries worldwide
  • Framesi is in the world's "ready to wear" fashion capitol Milan Italy
  • Framesi is the leading manufacturer of hair color sold in Italy.
  • The Framesi history of innovations
  • 2003 Framesi adds GemStone Technology to your Framesi Options Take home product line. Again the secrets of nature are unlocked and now Rhodochrosite, Malachite and Smithsonite offer balance, energy, protection and vitality for your hair and your hair color!
  • 1999 Framesi adds Phycocorail technology (coral technology from the Brehat Archipelago) once again Framesi adds natures secrets  to your Biogenol Take Home products to protect your hair and hair color from the sun and the heat. (By harnessing the power of Phycoccoril's "coral shield," Biogenol goes one revolutionary step further in home hair and color care. Now, with Phycocorail technology you can shield your hair from the harmful effects of thermal heat from hairdryers, curling irons and the everyday heat from the sun. This is critical because it is the heat that damages the hair shaft, rendering it incapable of holding your hair color.)
  • 1996 Framesi bring Ceramide Technology to your hair - using humectants that restore the normal moisture barrier to protect your hair and hair color
  • 1994 Framesi introduces glycerine free, non-striping non-dulling technology into your take home hair care product line. You keep the moisture and your hair color lasts longer too.
  • 1992 Framesi introduces FramColor 2001: higher shine - high fashion colors)
  • 1991 Framesi introduces SuperOxide Dismutase a revolutionary natural enzyme proven to prevent hair color from fading (make your hair color last longer)
  • 1988 Framesi introduces  first products for use in protection your color treated hair
  • 1979 Framesi brings FramColor Futura to the United States
  • 1945 "Framesi" was established

Throughout the years Framesi take-home products have grown and been refined for the American market. Use Framesi-Biogenol, BY-Framesi, and Framesi Identity  hair products  to support and protect your hair color.

Operated by professionals, for professionals, Framesi is not a retail conglomerate and  Framesi HairColor is not  available over the counter. Salons using Framesi HairColor can be found world-wide.


One colorist commented:

I remember attending my first Framesi hair color class. I dismissed several claims made at the class. Later, when I returned for a refresher class, I again heard the discussions about low ammonia and small color molecule size (and molecule shape) giving luster and manageability and extraordinary feel to hair. This really hit home as I had just finished coloring Gloria's hair. Gloria and I had been using Framesi color for 18 months and this, health conscious and very color conscious lady had just said the very same thing. "My hair feels wonderful! I have colored my hair for many years and this is the first time I can see the shine and feel the difference. This is a great hair color." ... John.

Want to cover gray hair? brighten your look? add a fashion color accent?
Framesi Hair Color!

  • using fashion colors

  • Fashion color are just that - colors added because they brighten your look or add a great fashion accent  or are just outrageously different. All because you like the look that you get with the color!
    They can be:
    • Temporary: using the new Framesi Passion temporary hair color
                       (comes out in about 8 shampoos) OR
    • Permanent: using Framesi Eclectics - demi-permanent hair color. The new formula is ammonia-free, ultra-delicate and enriched by Capulate Complex Technology
                       (for those sensitive to other hair colors) OR
    • Permanent: using Framesi Futura Hair Color
                       (for maximum gray coverage) OR
    • Permanent: using Framesi 2001 Hair Colors
                       (around 85% gray coverage but putting  more shine in your hair).
  • using natural color

  • Hair color, that matches your natural color, is used to cover your gray hair because you just want to look like the younger you, without the gray.

  • framesi color chart wheel / framesi color swatches or as  Framesi likes to say
    the Framesi Color Pallet offer one of the largest variety of fashion hair colors available in the hair salons today! Couple this with regular fashion trend releases and you see why  salons using framesi haircolor offer fashion forward hair styles with fashion forward hair color.


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