95% Longer Lasting Color
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95% Longer Lasting Color  

95% Longer Lasting Color  • gluten free  • Feel Better Hair  • 95% Longer Lasting Color • no wheat

Salon Fresh color Color with 30washes using Color Lover Hair Products Color after 30 washes with compeditor
Salon Fresh Color After using Color Lover
•30 Washes •30 Blow dry •30 Flat Iron
After using a competitor
•30 Washes •30 Blow dry •30 Flat Iron

Keep your color ... 95%  l--o--n--g-e--r    with Color Lover Hair Products  (more about Lab tests) Get Feel Better Hair too!

Hair color is the distinguishing feature that color lovers adore using. Your hair color is used to  emphasize your individual personality. Color Lover is a customized, top quality and absolutely affordable treatment, a gesture of love for color treated hair that you and all of your friends can repeat in the comfort of your own home.

Color Lover is a HIGHLY PROTECTIVE line of shampoos and conditioners, formulated to combat fading and to prolong your beautiful hair color.Both DEEPLY MOISTURIZING, to keep your hair soft, shiny and radiant, and  EFFECTIVELY SPECIFIC to give the best result on every type of color-treated hair:

  • For fine Hair  (Color Lover Volumizing),
  • For Coarse Hair (Color Lover Moisturizing)
  • For Curly Hair (Color Lover Curly Hair) and
  • For Straight Hair (Color Lover Smooth Straigh).

    Color Lover contains mineral-rich cereal extracts, vitamins and antioxidant enzymes of biotechnological origin for an unfailingly perfect result on the various hair textures.

    To complete the Color Lover range, pre-styling Hair Primer 11, which removes imperfections and gives you no fewer than eleven benefits, including Feel Better Hair as well as doing its first and foremost job of protecting your hair & hair color. Color Lover Hair products gives you  95% Longer Lasting Color.

about Lab Test Results:
  Lab testing conducted in conjunction with a reputable independent entity. Hair swatches were tested vs. leading competitors' swatches and clinical study results were measured using a Colorimeter. Results shown at top of this page.



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